Covid Protocols

~every therapist ALWAYS wears a mask (and some choose to wear a face shield as well)

~no parents can wait in the waiting rooms (pick up and drop off at the doors/vestibule) (On the occasion that a parent needs to be part of a session...they have their temps taken and hands sanitized and are directed into a smaller treatment room for the therapy to take place).

~temperatures taken at the door for ALL clients

~sanitizing stations/hand washing stations (in the waiting room bathrooms) upon entering the waiting rooms

~over 20 rooms available for treatment (individual treatment rooms that therapists go into with their clients for 1:1 related activities)

~Sanitation crew comes EVERY night, cleans the clinics, and disinfects 

~Therapists use sanitation wipes and disinfectant sprays post sessions

~Just like we expect our clients and their families to be respectful of everyone else who comes into our clinics by cancelling or requesting virtual therapy if they are exhibiting any COVID symptoms, therapists are expected to do the same! IF a therapist has any symptoms whatsoever, they are expected to take a COVID test to return to work (and present a negative result). We ask our families to be sensitive and flexible as therapists may need to cancel, reschedule, find another therapist to treat your child or ask to switch to virtual sessions to keep everyone safe and healthy