What We Do (Overview)

  • We complete comprehensive assessments using standardized measures as well as clinical observations and parent/child interview.

    • School observations/teacher input can be incorporated into the comprehensive evaluation upon family’s request

    • Test results, treatment plan and goals are discussed in a collaborative meeting between therapist and parents. 

  • Our therapists can conduct school observations, school consultations, and school based therapy sessions.

  • We promote communication between all members of our clients’ teams (other therapists, school staff, doctors and most importantly the child’s family) so that our kids are being treated in a comprehensive and collaborative manner, where all members of the team are on the same page and complementing each other’s work.

  • We request parental involvement in our sessions. We believe that children learn best from their parents, and parents learn best by being involved in their children’s therapy sessions. Parents are encouraged to sit in on therapy sessions, to ask questions and to integrate themselves into their child’s sessions when possible.

  • We have Early Intervention trained and certified therapists, working with the 0-3 population.

  • We assess emotional developmental capacities, self-esteem, behavioral and emotional concerns and regulation, anxiety and depression, independant living skills, issues around puberty and launching into adulthood. 

  • Attention and impulsivity, problem solving and decision making are also addressed.

  • Families perceptions of their children's needs and abilities are important to consider, as well as how the child functions within their family. We also do not want to forget that parents have to face many challenges, and want to support them and all their children in any way possible. 


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